Candidate Tom Wyatt-Yerka has big plans for broadband in 16A

The Granite Falls Advocate Tribune posts a Q&A profile of candidates. Tom Wyatt-Yerka (running for House) mentions broadband a lot in his profile…

  1. Budget: Minnesota’s economy is doing well. What would you do to see to it that the state’s economy continues on a course of growth?
    We need to enact policies that benefit the economies of rural Minnesota’s communities. This means more state services available in non-county seat communities, promoting more affordable and available day-care options to attract families and workers to Southwest Minnesota, and expanding broadband across our communities.
  1. Taxes: What is your position on both business and personal taxes? Do taxes need to be raised or cut? If cut, what spending cuts would you support to make up the difference?
    I would like to see at least a portion of the revenue generated from the online sales tax dedicated to expanding high-speed broadband internet infrastructure in rural Minnesota. In addition,I believe Minnesota would benefit from cutting the state income tax on Social Security which is causing many folks to leave Minnesota for states like South Dakota. By keeping more citizens in Minnesota we can expand the tax base.
  2. Spending: What would you do to ensure that Greater Minnesota isn’t left behind the Metro Area when it comes to state funding?
    As mentioned, we should dedicate a large portion of the state’s online sales tax to expanding broadband internet. …
  1. Infrastructure: What are your priorities for infrastructure in Greater Minnesota
    Nearly all of our infrastructure needs improvement, and we must dedicate the funds to do so. We must also work across the aisle with representatives from all across rural Minnesota to ensure equality between the metro and us. We must dedicate a greater portion of the gas tax to rural communities, and expand our broadband internet infrastructure. Additionally, enhancing our highway system with needed improvements like additional passing lanes will strengthen our regional economy and increase safety.
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