FCC unveils updated broadband map – does it reflect reality in your zip code?

Borrowing from the Benton headlines – here’s the info on FCC’s latest national broadband map

As it works to close the digital divide, the Federal Communications Commission has updated and modernized its National Broadband Map so the map can once again be a key source of broadband deployment information for consumers, policymakers, researchers, and others. The new, cloud-based map will support more frequent data updates and display improvements at a far lower cost than the original mapping platform, which had not been updated in years. Improvements and features in the successor National Broadband Map include:

  • Fixed deployment data based on the latest collection by the FCC and updated twice annually

  • Deployment summaries available for seven different geographical types: nation, state, county, congressional district, city or town (census place), Tribal area, and Core -based

  • Statistical Area (such as New York-Newark-Jersey City NY-NJ-PA)

  • Broadband availability and provider counts in each of the nation’s over 11 million census blocks, available for six technologies (fiber, DSL, cable, satellite, fixed wireless, and other) as well as seven speeds, for a total of 441 combinations

  • Provider summary information available for 1,782 providers by technology, eight download speed tiers, and nine upload speed tiers

  • Deployment comparisons between geographic areas

  • A portal for data downloads

  • Satellite imagery map overlay that shows buildings, roads, and geography

  • Graphs that show what fraction of an area’s population has access to broadband at a given speed

You can use the maps to track access to a specific address or by community – county, state, zip code, tribal area, congressional district or MSA. Rumor has it that FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel is encouraging people to send corrections/suggestions to broadbandfail@fcc.gov. SO check it out – see if what you find on the maps for your community meets what you know to be true. If not, report it. These maps are used to make decisions. It’s worth making sure they are as accurate as possible.

4 thoughts on “FCC unveils updated broadband map – does it reflect reality in your zip code?

  1. Are there any plans to provide internet service in the St. Louis County portion of Drummond Road including Coyote Lake? Our address is 1137 Drummond Road, Brimson MN. Our property is seasonal, but there are year round residents in this area. We have no land line phone service and no mail service. Internet is via cell service only. ATT is the only provider of cell svc in this area. Signal is spotty at best.

    Fiber optics were installed on the Lake County side of this road, but not extended into St. Louis County.

  2. Charlene – I’m sorry I’m mostly the messenger here. I tried to look up your address in the National Map and they can’t find it. So I went to the Minnesota interactive map (http://bit.ly/mnbroadband2018). According to them there are two options, both satellite: HughesNet and ViaSat. Satellite has some restrictions with latency and they have packages based on use.

    You allude to the fiber in Lake County. You could try contacted Lake Connections to see if they are any plans to expand into your area. They are in flux right now – they may just ask you to call back. I believe (according to the National Map) that Frontier is in your town; you could try contacting them too.

    Or you could try the Office of Broadband Development – https://mn.gov/deed/programs-services/broadband/ – sometimes they hear about activities before I do. Because the deployment is most often through private companies, it can be difficult to get advance notice of service.

  3. We have very poor internet service. Our only option is AT&T hotspot on my phone. I live 25 miles north of Duluth in Northstar township. My address is 3198 Little Alden Lake Road Duluth. We need a better internet option.

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