Can your community host a Good Friday Broadband Breakfast?

bill rightThe broadband discussion is heating up at the Minnesota State Capitol.  A coalition of rural organizations are working hard to keep the rural voice on broadband front and center this year knowing that no state broadband funding is guaranteed until the final legislative gavel and Governor’s signature.

A growing number of local organizations are hosting broadband breakfasts on March 25th to provide an opportunity for local leaders from economic development, health care, education, business and community to talk with their local legislators about their local broadband situation.  If you want to host an event, please contact Bill Coleman, MN Broadband Coalition at  We have a template agenda and invitation.  You might also complete the community broadband assessment tool on the Broadband Coalition web site in advance of the meeting so you can talk about the ways your community’s broadband is either an asset or a constraint to community development.  We all know that the adequacy of broadband is more than just a bandwidth number.  You can find the assessment at

Early next week, we will publish a list of the breakfasts and activate our partner organizations to help spread the word through our health care, education, business and other partner organizations.

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