Blandin Webinar Archive: Advocacy Groups – Who are They?

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Presentation from Dr. Norman Jacknis

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Advocacy Groups – Who are They?
Thursday, August 13 from 3-4pm

Blandin Foundation’s broadband efforts have always included a dual focus. We work to spur investment in next-generation broadband infrastructure while engaging communities to adopt next generation technology applications. All for the expected outcome of enhanced community vitality. Without a network, adoption is difficult. Without adoption, investment is wasted. Our August webinar speakers will illuminate both sides of this coin.

Deb Socia is Executive Director of Next Century Cities ( which supports community leaders across the country as they seek to ensure that all have access to fast, affordable and reliable Internet. The principles of Next Century Cities share many values including the benefits of community engagement, ubiquity, collaboration self-determination. Next Century Cities now has over 100 member communities across the country. Learn more about the efforts of Next Century Cities and the resources available through this new organization

The Intelligent Community Forum ( has been a partner of Blandin Foundation for many years as the Foundation used the Intelligent Community Framework as a platform for our Minnesota Intelligent Rural Community project more than five years ago. The Intelligent Community Framework helps communities think about the relationships between broadband and community vitality – adding Knowledge Workforce, Innovation, Digital Inclusion and Marketing/Advocacy to the strategy discussion. Lou Zacharilla and Dr. Norman Jacknis will talk about the 2016 Intelligent Community of the Year process and ICF’s expanding rural initiative

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