Border to Border Broadband: No Community Left Behind

Is your community tech savvy or tech sorry? 

Join community broadband champions, thought leaders and policy makers from across the state to recharge and celebrate our shared efforts to make border to border broadband come true for Minnesota. Our kids think there is a “webtone” out there – but only if we build it and use it for more connected, better lives.  Come be part of the solution. 

Sponsored by Blandin Foundation and Connect Minnesota, the Border to Border Broadband: No Community Left Behind conference is being held November 18-19 at Cragun’s Resort in Brainerd.

Consider attending the optional Preconference Session on Broadband Networks: Community Considerations, facilitated by Bill Coleman of Community Technology Advisors:

Depending on who you ask, “adequate” broadband ranges from 4 Mbps to 1 Gbps.  Now that most community leaders know that, in general, they need broadband, they need to understand the ramifications of alternative network scenarios and decisions and the prospective impact on their community. This session will focus on network infrastructures, capabilities and trends in usage by organizations and users.

Bill Coleman and guest experts will illustrate the tech and policy choices facing communities.  Without getting too bogged down in tech terms and jargon, this presentation will help community leaders to better understand their current situations, prospective choices and the impact of those decisions on the future economic vitality of the community or region.
Visit the conference webpage for more information and registration. Registration is Open!!!


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