What if I don’t want fiber?

Fiber may be a utlity, but it’s not mandaotry – not in Jackson, Minnesota. According to the Jackson County Pilot

“We are going to make freely available a connection to every home, every business, every building in the city of Jackson,” said [Jackson Mayor] Jasper, a longtime fiber proponent and the city’s representative on the Southwest Minnesota Broadband Project Board of Directors. “But if you don’t want this on your land, we will not put it there.”

Now if you decide later (or the next owner decides) that you do want fiber the installation cost will be on you.

It’s an interesting notice reflecting a viewpoint I almost forget exists. Also it makes the case for broadband adoption programs. I assume there are situations I cannot imagine where fiber may not be attractive – but for most folks I think it’s just a matter of explaining what broadband can do for them and failing that, what access to fiber can do for resale values.

2 thoughts on “What if I don’t want fiber?

  1. This process – making these connections when building the pass can greatly reduce the operating costs of the network later. People should choose carefully, because it can impact the value of the home when sold. I certainly would want to know if I will have to pay more for a fast Internet connection when I move in. In future years, just about everyone will.

  2. I’m hoping the free installation today will help persuade people to do it. Even if they don’t think they want it – as you say it will have an impact on re-sale value.

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