Update on Blandin’s ARRA Broadband Stimulus application plans

Recently we shared in this space the “good news/bad news” report Blandin Foundation recently received from NTIA. The good news they shared is that our Round I proposal to help create technologically and economically vital rural communities across rural Minnesota continues to enjoy strong support and a high level of interest and is proceeding smoothly through the review process. The bad news was that the review was unlikely to be completed before the March 15th deadline for submissions for Round II BTOP funding. NTIA staff advised us that it would be “wise” to resubmit… just in case.

After some venting and hand wringing, we’ve decided to do just that, and we’re back at it, working on a new Round II application. It’s a bit of a crazy-making exercise because we find ourselves in a position of investing time and energy and brain cells into developing a (somewhat but not that much) revised proposal that we hope will NOT get funded, while simultaneously planning for delivering on a Round I application we hope WILL get funded. Meanwhile we’re heartened to hear announcements of other rural Minnesota projects that are receiving the nod and will bring significant federal investments in enhanced broadband capacity to many rural Minnesota communities.

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