Broadband helps Golfers – well golf fans

golfI’m not a golfer, but who could resist the golf buzz in Minnesota over the weekend. The Bemidji Pioneer ran a fun article that outlined A Look Behind the PGA Scenes and it included a quick look at the telecommunications before the tournament at Hazeltine:

They have been working for the last six weeks to make sure cell phones and telephones service runs smoothly at Hazeltine.

They have installed 26 hi-speed T1 fiber optic data lines, 50 DSL Internet lines and 29 ISDN lines for radio. To put those numbers in perspective, there were only seven T1 lines in Chaska when they began working on the PGA.

They have also installed broadband Internet service and 180 phone lines in the media center.

“All of the major companies – Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile – basically needed to increase the size of their data pipeline,” Tieman said. “Especially AT&T because those iPhones are such bandwidth hogs.”

Media and fans are not allowed to bring cell phones on the Hazeltine grounds. Those who bring phones are required to check it at the gate or leave.

“We find that right after Tiger plays his rounds and people start going home, the use of the phone lines in the media room and the cell phones in the area spike dramatically,” Geiselhart said. “It really shows how much the system can handle. As long as the phones are up, the media is happy and the PGA is happy.”

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