Upcoming Task Force Meeting – February 20, 2009

The agenda and other details are now available for the Ultra High-Speed Task Force meeting next Friday. Please note a change in the Twin Cities location to Inver Hills Community College. Remote sites are set up in Duluth, Crookston and St Cloud.

These are open meetings. The public are welcome to join and in the past have had an opportunity to offer comments (usually at the opening of the meeting).

There’s a good line up of speakers in the public sector. In the afternoon we’ll hear from Geoff Daily and Andrew Cohill. Both have been speakers at previous Blandin Broadband conferences. (Sorry I just had to fit that in.)

I will be there and taking notes, which I’ll post as soon as I can.

1 thought on “Upcoming Task Force Meeting – February 20, 2009

  1. I look forward to seeing you there, Ann!

    I’ll be doing my best to reframe these broadband issues in terms of what’s best for the country and not what’s best for individual companies, while stressing that we need to be forward-thinking in our decision-making otherwise we risk never regaining our leadership position in the global economy.

    It should be fun!

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