Broadband for Business Development – Yo Gabba Gabba

Have you heard of Yo Gabba Gabba? I hadn’t.

It’s a Nick show for kids, young kids recently featured on WCCO. It’s kind of Buggaloo, kind of Telly Tubby. My four year old daughter likes the pink one. (Shocker!)

The fun news is that it is created largely in the Twin Cities. It’s the new economy fairy tale. A few friends started a company in their attic. It changed a few times and now they animate this popular show for a company in California. The show didn’t take off at first but they post a few episodes on their web site and bam – they were hit. The traffic took the servers down so they moved to YouTube and now they’re on Nickelodeon.

The folks in California said, “Minneapolis wasn’t a place I would be thinking of as a mecca of animation, and yet at the same time, there are so many great things on the Internet, and they come from all over the place, that we weren’t surprised,” Jacobs says.

The business owners call themselves accidental entrepreneurs.

I just think it’s a perfect example of how broadband lets you be in the right place at the right time no matter where you are located. (Also it makes me wonder if there had been a cap on their bandwidth use, how an animation house in the Midwest can compete.)

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