Posted by: Ann Treacy | February 22, 2012

Anoka County Technology Collaboration Summit

Thanks to Dave Minke for sending notes from the Anoka County Technology Collaboration Summit last week. The meeting featured presentations from organizations that currently use technology to collaborate. The organizations include:

  • Office of Enterprise Technology, State of Minnesota – OET spoke about their role as trusted leader and partner in enterprise information technology for the state of Minnesota. They provide IT services, direction, investments and standards to Higher Education, state agencies, 87 counties, cities, other local units of government, K-12 Districts and public libraries throughout the state. They strive for volume aggregation that allows for cost effective delivery of world class services and to provide value added service through management and collaboration. (See their presentation.)
  • TIES – TIES spoke about their role providing technology and information resources to school administrators, educators and students. They spoke specifically about their DROPOUT program. (See their presentation.)
  • METNET – METNET spoke about the Learning Network of Minnesota, which provides essential services including Wide Area Network (WAN) access, and technical support for applications such as video conferencing, web conferencing and voice services to University of Minnesota and MNSCU campuses (and OET). Their presentation includes helpful network maps of the state. (See their presentation.)
  • The City of Roseville spoke on the Metro INET, which is a collective of Joint Powers Agreements between 23 public agencies and provides for the cost sharing of staff, equipment and services in a single administrative network. (See their presentation.)
  • LOGIS – The Local Government Information Systems Association spoke about their Wide Area Network Fiber Optic and Wireless Links Connecting Cities, Counties and Agencies. They offer services such as Public Safety Systems, Financial Controls, HR and Utility Billing. (See their presentation.)

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