Posted by: Ann Treacy | April 14, 2011

Broadband is fundamental to rural areas

The Daily Yonder just ran a passionate piece on the importance of broadband in rural areas with guest blogger, Sharon Strover – who “teaches communications at the University of Texas and is one of the nation’s authorities on rural broadband.”

I’m going to borrow a couple lines from the article to give you the gist and suggest that you check it out to get an idea of not only what broadband will bring to rural communities – but get an idea of what will happen is they don’t get it. (I think that it’s at least as important to think about what will happen to rural areas if nothing happens with broadband.)

Critics of these measures ask exactly what broadband yields, and whether such jolts of investment found in the stimulus are justified. What does it provide to rural regions that justify such large-scale investments?

The simple answer is that rural communities will be economically crippled without broadband access. That’s the long and the short of it.

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