Posted by: Ann Treacy | May 29, 2007

Celebrate Community Technology in Minneapolis! June 14th

Wireless MinneapolisIn Minneapolis on June 14, 2007, city officials, US Internet executives and other leaders will launch the effort to work with neighborhood and community groups to create six Minneapolis regional (Central, Downtown, North, Northeast, South, and Southwest) portals for the citywide wireless network.

This will also be an opportunity for the public to learn more about progress on construction of the wireless network, and give feedback about first regional portal page that will be established for downtown Minneapolis.

This event is free and open to the public; folks are encouraged to attend the entire event, or just the portions that interest them. Learn more on the Wireless Minneapolis web site.


  1. Thats a move towards future growth and a mobile population

  2. I think the Wireless Minneapolis folks have really done a good job of getting feedback from diverse representations of their population.

    It would be fun to see the new Minneapolis portal page too. I’ll try to get a link to it to post online once it’s available.

  3. if im right Harold Galllicer helped on the minneapolis project also.I have dealt with him a couple times

  4. Hmm. I don’t know. Catherine Settani was a big organizer too – she is a long time advocate of getting diverse stakeholders involved in technology.

  5. i dont know of her , my motorola people talked to me about it also to inform me of whats going on .

  6. I gave a presentation with Catherine last year at the MN Council on Nonprofits conference. But I’ve know her and her work in urban areas in Minneapolis for a while. She does good work and is very dedicated to her cause.

    Did the Motorola have any info or opinions you wouldn’t mind sharing? I think opinions from knowledgeable parties who aren’t necessarily in the thick of a project can be so valuable.

  7. motorola at this point didnt say much but im sure they will

  8. i enjoy projects of this type as they are moving to the future and its needed.We have been staying on the backburner for so many years and allowing other regions to fly ahead of us ,i swore when i started on a blog i wouldnt get political so i wont but you do know what i mean on it and someday in private i would be more apt to talk on other things as long as they are not repeated.We as north americans need to catch up to what we used to call 3rd world regions otherwise we will be where they sat not so long ago.Whew now that thats off my shoulders,mobility is what will make regions feasable ,yes cabled is good but its not mobile.Word is that by 2009 everything will be based on mobility.This means one account many services.Your phone service will be fully virtual ,your entertainment can be watched as you drive in vehicles and so on ,To think that only 10 years ago broadband as we know it wasnt even used.I noticed you also mentioned tv shows now are able to be copied and sent over the net.If you watch certain news shows and so on you will see that lots of the shows are done via broadband .

  9. as of mid june will will be starting to offer full voip services to the region .Our company which will also be doing the wimax will be called wild com technologies.

  10. I need to know more about VoIP. I understand the technology – funny enough my dad led a group that did carrier end data intrusion detection software for VoIP a few years ago.

    What I need now is a consumer’s perspective. I am moving to Ireland (for 9 months) at the end of the summer and I know some variation on VoIP is going to be my best alternative for phone service. I just need an extra hour or two to do the research.

  11. i will get you the info you need on it so your well informed .also check into ipphones as they will also help and then there is skype.

  12. here anne is a technology site which will tell u what the big comapnies are looking at.This one is about microsofts movement.

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